What full service finishing means...at Clybourn

Clybourn has its own definition of service in metal finishing. First, it means the most complete range of hand polishing and buffing capabilities. Clybourn also furnishes complete electroplating, painting, and anodizing services. Platers, anodizers, and other finishing companies often rely on Clybourn for expertise and production services they cannot provide for themselves.

Clybourn can offer expert, impartial guidance and help in providing the best, most effective and efficient finish for any given part. The company's long experience in metal finishing enables the customer to use Clybourn as a "general contractor" or one-stop source for any metal finishing job. Clybourn provides the necessary polishing and buffing along with the most appropriate final finish for the job. Thus Clybourn's knowledge of plating can be as valuable to a customer as its polishing and buffing.

Service to the metalworking industry must always mean dependable delivery. Clybourn prides itself on the record of on-time or ahead-of schedule deliveries it has built over the years. It's one of the big reasons customers stay with Clybourn, many as long as 30 years.