Quality you can see and touch...

Quality doesn't just happen, in metal polishing or anywhere else. It must be planned and worked for. That's the Clybourn policy, to assure the finest possible workmanship on every part it processes.

Clybourn takes an extra production step, one that most metal polishers don't take. After it is hand or automatically buffed, every part is conveyed individually through a spray-vapor degreasing and cleaning process. Thus, whether the part has been buffed to its final state, or it is to receive further finishing, it is completely clean, free of foreign particles and grease. The degreasing and cleaning makes part inspection much more accurate and effective.

Every part is carefully inspected after each processing step at Clybourn, by the most experienced and demanding teams in the industry. No part leaves the plant unless it meets Clybourn's rigid standards.

On an average day, Clybourn polishes and buffs or satin finishes about 15,000 parts, as many as 1 million plumbing fixtures alone in one year. Every metal, every alloy passes through Clybourn's plant - brass, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, steel, zinc plus the more exotic metals.

Clybourn finishes castings, extrusions, stampings, forgings, screw machine parts, parts from every metalworking process. Parts are polished and buffed for plating, anodizing, or painting. The range of products that Clybourn handles is almost endless - from plumbing fixtures to food processing equipment...from parts for doors and windows to motorcycle parts.

The range of customers that Clybourn serves is broad and varied as well...from small metalworking shops to companies in the top 500 of U.S. manufacturers. And every company, regardless of size or requirements, always is assured of the most careful attention and service, the highest metal finishing quality anywhere. Clybourn keeps its customers - and that's the reason.