Hand Polishing and Buffing... a living art

Hand polishing may be a "lost art" at many metal finishing companies, but it's one of the most important of Clybourn's services. For pieces that need special care, a special touch, there is no substitute for the trained hands and eyes of a skilled craftsman.

At Clybourn you'll find more experienced hand polishers than at any other firm in the country - specialists in standard lathe polishing , plus experts in flexible shaft methods. They know by sight, by feel, by experience, and by instinct exactly how to achieve any finish on any given metal - from the softest brush look to the highest mirror sheen. And they can maintain a remarkable uniformity on part after part.

Clybourn's hand polishers use several different methods to polish a part, selecting the exact abrasive and lubricant for each step of the process, then buffing or satining to the required finish.

Since both standard lathe and flexible shaft methods are used at Clybourn, no part is too complex or intricate to receive the special quality look that hand polishing and buffing provide.

Yes, hand polishing is a living art at Clybourn, carried on by skilled craftsmen dedicated to the best of old traditions and passing this skill on to the next generation of craftsmen. That's why hand polishing always will remain a living art at Clybourn.