Today's Clybourn Metal Finishing plant is as advanced and sophisticated as any in industry; in fact, it leads the industry. But, with all its production efficiency, Clybourn still approaches metal finishing as an art. Here, metal finishing is done with an eye, a touch, and a skill that only experience can teach.

That experience - plus a dedication to quality - is what Clybourn has built a solid reputation on. More than half of Clybourn's polishers have ten years of experience or more.

Clybourn also believes that skills can be inherited or passed on, so many father and son teams are working together at our plants.

Metal Finishing Expertise

Most important, Clybourn believes in the trained eye, the skilled hand. So even pieces that are polished on high-speed automatic equipment are processed, controlled, and inspected individually.

Since 1946, leading metal working companies and manufacturers of some of the best-known products made in this country have relied on Clybourn for the finishing touch of quality. It's the touch that only craftsmen can give. That's why, some of the toughest, most demanding jobs are sent in by customers from all over the country.

Clybourn Metal Finishing's 15,000 square foot facility offers the most advanced equipment and the most skilled and experienced craftsmen in the industry.