High Volume Uniformity

Clybourn specializes in the automatic finishing of large volumes of metal parts - all with a craftsman's touch. Speed, uniformity, and painstaking care are the hallmarks of this service.

For smaller volumes and more complex configurations, Clybourn uses its semi-automatic equipment. This includes single spindle finishers, two-spindle machines for out-of-round parts, four-spindle equipment for tubular part finishing, and semi-automatics with rotary work tables and fixed finishing heads. There are also abrasive-belt finishers for polishing and deburring stampings, die castings, and forgings.

To these sophisticated and automated methods, Clybourn adds the experience and judgement of skilled operators. Their continuous monitoring and adjusting of finishing heads to compensate for wear is one of the secrets of the high quality and uniformity of the automatic finishing work here. At Clybourn, even automatic finishing has the craftsman's touch.